Our Services

Design and Built Homes

Our services give our clients a wide range of options to choose from with their home. We have been able to create a true one-stop shop. Where all elements are provided in-house by our amazing team of experts. We believe that in order to have success with your home project you have to have a plan that can work from the very beginning. We not only make that plan for you we also execute it as well.

Custom Luxury Home

Custom Homes can help you through the entire design-build home construction process. From designing the perfect home to adding the finishing touches, we will provide you with all the services you require. As the leading design-build contractor in Toronto, Silverado Custom Homes will work with you to find the right lot for your home, create a budget and timeline for your project, and provide you access to homebuilding professionals who will make your dream home a reality.

Design and Build

We believe that being able to offer our clients a top rate Design & Build services in a packaged format, will always provide the greatest value. We feel that in order to build a great home to meet our client’s wishes. We also need to be a partner with them through the design process as well. It is through this collaboration, our customers receive the best in our design & build expertise and advice. Having both our top-rated designers and our expert building trades to help make their homes a reality. We want to ensure that your family’s home and hard-earned dollars are cared for from start to finish. All our services are centered around our belief that with good information, clients make better choices. We always make sure that our design and build process is accountable and transparent from start to finish. You get all the information you need when you need it. So you know what you are getting and what it will cost well before work ever starts on your home.

Home Renovation

We aim to deliver the very best in customer value and service. Especially when it comes to our home renovations. Given they are the most challenging of our services to do so. With our core beliefs are centered around accountability, transparency and quality workmanship. We work diligently to make sure your home renovation is the very best it can be. We do so by starting with a plan, a full home prescription so to speak, as to what needs to be done on top of what would like to be done. We believe that a successful home renovation is like any other build in the sense of if you have to have the right information to make better choices. Our full home plan is done for all of our home renovation projects so that our clients can best allocate their money in their home.

Project Managment

As an experienced design-builder in Canadian public-private partnership projects, the Classy Homes has contributed to the financing teams of many pursuits.
our equity division is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Classy Homes and leverages the parent company’s consistent growth, profitability, and strong balance sheet. Classy Homes was created in response to a demand in the Canadian public-private partnership marketplace for greater integration across project teams and enables us to participate in both the design-build and equity components of alternatively financed projects. this investment commitment to alternatively financed projects ensures Classy Homes focus on risk management from the design-build phase through the operations phase.